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Even though 75 percent of people who negotiate their salary receive a pay increase, the majority of people have still never asked for a raise.*


Yet a single pay raise can close your personal wage gap, increase your salary by thousands of dollars, and significantly boost your lifetime earnings.

You don't get what you don't ask for. 

It's time to ask.


In this Mini-Course, you’ll discover:

Lesson 1: The only thing between you and a pay raise

Lesson 2: Why you shouldn’t ask for a raise

Lesson 3: What the movies don’t teach you about salary negotiation

Lesson 4: The best salary negotiation resources

Lesson 5: 5 absolute worst ways to negotiate your salary

These bite-sized email lessons give you a mix of actionable tips, best resources, scientific data, entertaining clips, and case studies so that you're ready to make the ask that gets you the pay raise.




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Heather is an attorney and negotiation consultant. Through her website,, she provides tools and strategies to professional women to earn more money and create more impactful careers.



*Source: 2015 salary survey of 31,000 workers