At WOMEN WHO ASK, we want to create a world where women stop settling for less and start asking for more—especially in their careers.



Because we’re never going to close the wage gap, get a woman running this country, or take the women’s rights movement to the next level until women learn how to ask for what they want—and ask with confidence. 

If you feel like it’s inappropriate, ungrateful, or unreasonable to ask for anything more, especially at work, we urge you to challenge those thoughts and reconsider.

We Believe

‌• We believe that it’s always possible to ask for what you want—without sounding pushy or aggressive.

• We believe that it’s always possible to propose a situation that benefits you and the person you’re talking to, creating a scenario where everyone wins.

• We believe that it’s always possible to upgrade your lifestyle and career a little bit more—and sometimes, small upgrades like a new desk or parking spot can make a big difference.

• We believe that the world is a challenging place to be a woman, and always has been. From systemic sexism to catcalling on the street to wage inequality, our world has got… problems.

But we can't wait around for change to happen. We need to act now to help each other—and ourselves.

• We believe in intersectional feminism. Certain groups of people have multiple obstacles to overcome, such as racism, homophobia, ablism and sexism. We can’t pretend like these inequalities don’t exist. If we work together, we all rise up together.

‌• We believe that most women are excellent communicators who successfully negotiate all the time for all kinds of things (we just don’t realize we’re doing it).

• We believe that when one woman finds the courage to ask for what she wants—whether it’s a new job title, a new mentor, more vacation time, or college tuition reimbursement—other women notice and feel hugely inspired.

• We believe that one act of courage inspires other women to reach for more, too. One ask at a time, we can create a ripple of empowerment, change women’s lives, change income levels, and change the course of history.

We Want You To Become A Woman Who Asks

Do it for yourself, of course, and do it for the women and girls that you know, and the women and girls who haven’t been born yet, and for their daughters, too.

Attend a live video broadcast. Read a few scripts. Practice every day. With every ask, your confidence will expand, and the rewards are truly limitless.

Heather & the WOMEN WHO ASK community and team