Yes, You Can Have That

women who ask

YES, you can have…

Your own parking spot. Your own assistant. A new mentor. A new project that excites you.

YES, you can ask for…

A new list of responsibilities. A new job title. A new salary. A signing bonus. A commission check.

YES, you deserve…

A new cubicle that’s not right next to the bathrooms. A desk that doesn’t wobble. A printer that actually works. A real lunch break.

YES, it’s reasonable to request…

An extra week of vacation time. A work-from-home arrangement. A different schedule. Opportunities to travel, learn, and grow.

And YES, you can totally ask for…

Avocado on your sandwich. Extra butter on your popcorn. More privacy. An hour of quiet time. Or, more help with chores around the house. 

All day, every day, we’re confronted with opportunities to ask for something more, something better, or something different than what’s initially offered. Most of the time, we shy away from these opportunities. We stay silent. We don’t ask. But just imagine what could happen if… we did?

Today, I challenge you to ask for something that feels relatively “tiny” and “low-risk.”

You don’t have to ask your boss for a $5,000 bonus check—today. You don’t have to march up to an attractive stranger at the dog park and ask for their phone number—today. (Unless you want to!)

If asking makes you feel really nervous, then start with something smaller. Come up with something that feels just a tiny bit scary, but still doable.

Maybe you could call up your phone company and ask for a discount because you’ve been a loyal customer for so many years. Maybe you could ask your partner to handle carpool and dinner tonight—without adding, “Ugh, so sorry to ask this!” to the end of your request. Maybe you could ask a friend to meet you for yoga instead of happy hour drinks. Whatever you want, whatever would make your day a little better… ask for it.

With every ask, no matter how small, your confidence will expand.

Oh, and whatever just popped into your mind right now?

YES. You can have that.