What HR Really Thinks About Women Who Negotiate

women who ask

Did you catch my interview with Leah Sutton, VP of Global HR at Elastic? Leah helped me kick off this brand spankin' new interview series by spilling the beans on whether HR thinks women who negotiate for higher pay are greedy. Come watch the video!

Interview highlights:

3:47 Elastic’s new parental leave policy and why it’s so important for women and men

7:48 What parental leave has to do with pay parity and closing the gender wage gap

9:02 The impact of working remotely and flexible work schedules

15:00 Bereavement policies that create a compassionate work culture

17:53 Building a more inclusive pipeline and gender neutral language in job descriptions

19:23 Overcoming imposter syndrome

22:00 What women really want at work

23:42 What it’s like to be the only woman on the executive team

27:00 Asking HR about the pay structure and where you fall within the range

28:00 Find pay data however you can; don’t undervalue yourself . . . every man is asking for it

31:35 Does HR ever rescind the job offer when someone negotiates?

32:55 Why it’s hard even for an HR VP to ask for more

34:03 What’s different for women and the biggest mistakes women make in salary negotiation

37:40: “If you don’t ask, you get nothing” and how to come up with your plan before you negotiate

41:05: Advice for working moms

43:33 What it means to be a Woman Who Asks