How This Professor Successfully Negotiated a Salary Increase

women who ask

Dr. Amy Bhatt negotiated her salary in a way that many women are afraid to do.

"I don't have any leverage" is what many women in her position might have assumed.

  • Amy was negotiating her first job as a professor after getting her Ph.D. - not a ton of experience to lean on.
  • Her Ph.D. was in Gender Studies. There are waaaay more candidates than there are open positions for professors.
  • It's a known fact that humanities professors don't get paid as much as professors in STEM fields.

But Amy decided to be a Woman Who Asks.

She did this even though she got advice from mentors to "stay in her lane" and "play nice." 

She decided to ignore that advice and instead --- value her skills and value her voice.

Honestly, her approach was brilliant and I wanted to stand up and give her a high five!

Find out how she successfully negotiated a base salary increase as a first year professor who seemingly had no leverage.

A hint at how she did it: she improved her options to create more leverage.

You can jump to the part about how she did it at 35 minutes. And there are other juicy pieces of advice in there too. Check out the timestamps below. 

1:40 How does the topic of negotiation come up in classes on feminism and gender studies?

2:39 How to bring an intersectional lens to negotiation and how to showcase your different identities

6:31 How Professor Bhatt showcases her different identities in her own work

7:57: What is occupational segregation and what does it have to do with the gender pay gap?

11:35 How do undergrads respond to the sobering statistics on the gender pay gap?

12:03 How public universities are supporting women to overcome the gender pay gap

13:30 Why you MUST start advocating for yourself as a student and all throughout your career

15:26 How you can address the gender pay gap at both the personal and institutional level

20:59 Don't sit back and wait, claim your place by doing these two important things

22:00 What are pink collar jobs v. blue collar jobs and where are the most jobs now?

26:00 Are women choosing to get paid less?

30:00 Structural barriers that prevent women from making career "choices" 

30:52 How Professor Bhatt is raising her daughter to value her skills and voice

34:00 The mindset you need to be successful in your career

35:13 How Professor Bhatt negotiated a salary increase as a first year Associate Professor at a public university in the Humanities