21 Things You Can Negotiate For — Besides A Bigger Salary

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When women hire me for negotiation training and consulting, they typically say to me, “I want to negotiate for a better salary.”

I respond with, “That’s great! We can definitely work on that. What else would you like to negotiate for? What else would make a difference in your life?”

Often, my client responds with, “What else? Uh… I’m not sure. What do you mean?”

This is where things get really fun! There are so many things you can ask for. Asking for a bigger salary is one option, sure, and it’s a great one. But that’s just the beginning...

Here are 21 things you can negotiate for—besides a bigger salary.

- You can ask for a new job title.

 - You can ask for different daily/weekly/monthly responsibilities.

- You can ask for an intern or assistant.

- You can ask for more paid (or unpaid) vacation time.

- You can ask for a bonus check once you hit a specific goal.

- You can ask for tickets to a conference, workshop, or seminar.

- You can ask for a mentorship relationship—for example, spending extra time with your boss, getting to attend higher-level meetings, shadowing her, and learning new skills on-the-job.

- You can ask for college tuition reimbursement, or reimbursement for any kind of training that benefits you and your employer.

- You can ask for a telecommuting/work-from-home arrangement—full time, part time, or even just one or two days per month.

- You can ask to transfer to a different location either permanently or seasonally—maybe you’d like to work from your company’s Miami headquarters in the wintertime, for example!

- You can ask for tools and supplies that you need—a new laptop, a desk that doesn’t wobble, noise-canceling headphones, or a printer that actually works 

- You can ask for a better cubicle that’s not located next to the bathroom door.

- You can ask for your employer to cover the cost of your smartphone bill.

- You can ask for an assigned parking spot, or reimbursement for your monthly parking fees near the office, or reimbursement for your subway/public transit fees.

- You can ask your employers to pay for your cab fare home if you have to work late, and if you don’t want to walk home in the dark.

- You can ask for an office, or a nicer office, or an office with a door that locks 

- You can ask for a different work schedule—like starting earlier, finishing earlier, or working non-traditional days, or working a compressed schedule—like four 10-hour workdays instead of five 8-hour days..

- You can ask for more privacy—for example, maybe you’d like to have one day per workweek where you can work in a secluded location without any beeps, texts, or interruptions from your colleagues. 

- You can ask for a special project or opportunity that you want. Want to start a company-wide wellness program? Want to teach lunchtime meditation classes? Want to host an event focused on women’s empowerment? Ask for the chance to do it!

- You can ask to be considered for a promotion that you want.

- You can ask to re-write your entire job description, removing tasks that you don’t enjoy, and filling your workweek with tasks that feel meaningful.

Anything you want that could make a difference for you… you can ask for it!

You can propose a situation that’s fair, reasonable, and that ultimately benefits you AND your employer. Win-win for everyone.

What would you love to ask for, if you could? Reach out to me and tell me about it. Then, let’s set up a consulting session, meet on the phone, and put together a proposal that inspires your boss to say, “Sure, that sounds reasonable. We can do that!”

Inspiring your boss to say “Yes” might be a lot less scary than you think, and it could be a conversation that unlocks all kinds of unexpected rewards for your career.

Asking changes everything—and there’s no limit to what you can ask for. If it matters to you, and if it would make a difference in your life? Then it’s worth the ask.