Every day, women settle for less.

We settle for salaries that are lower than our peers. We settle for desks that wobble and chairs that squeak. We settle for 14 days of vacation time when we could have 21.

It’s frustrating and it’s unfair. But we can’t just sit back and wait for society to change... or we’ll be waiting forever!

No more waiting. No more settling. No more nervously wondering if it’s OK to request something better. It’s time for a new chapter in your life and career.

It’s time to become a woman who asks for what she wants.



WOMEN WHO ASK is a company that provides consulting and classes to help you negotiate for what you want, earn more money, communicate with greater confidence, upgrade your quality of life on every level, & become an inspiration for the women & girls in your community.



Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Heather Mills. I’m an attorney, a negotiation specialist, and the founder of WOMEN WHO ASK.

I started WOMEN WHO ASK because I’m tired of seeing women settle for less—in all areas of life, but especially in our careers.

Here’s my question for you: What’s one thing that you’d love to ask for, if you could?

Maybe you’d say: a new job title, a better office, more vacation time, exciting education and travel opportunities, a mentor, an intern, or a nice bonus check.

Whatever would make a big difference for you, I want to teach you how to ask for it—and get it. I can help you figure out what to say, gather compelling evidence, and put together a proposition that benefits you—and the person you’re talking to. Win-win!

My clients typically see a 10x return on their investment and gain priceless skills that they use in every aspect of their lives. When you become a woman who asks, it changes everything.


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What women are saying...

Heather helped me not only determine what mattered to me in my career but also worked through defining the steps to make a change. In terms of results, Heather motivated me to ask for (and get) a promotion at work.
— Michelle L.

While working with Heather, I asked for and was given a promotion, danced at my work Christmas party (a big deal!), and figured out that I didn’t actually need to make huge changes with my life in order to feel like it had purpose and meaning.
— Pam D.

Heather challenged me to push through some of my complacent corporate behaviors and to begin to see myself in a role I wanted within my company. For the first time in the last twelve years, I am really looking forward to my performance review.
— Debbie D.