Heidi S.

I got a 29% salary increase and the title I wanted even though I was told that the job title and salary were not negotiable. I truly feel like it’s a benefit to my employer too because I’m able to have a bigger impact now…More importantly, standing up for myself has been huge for my self-confidence.

Maria Mueller photo.png


I’m celebrating an incredible new job opportunity and a 32% pay increase! My greatest success is now BELIEVING that I completely deserve what I'm asking for. Prior to working with Heather, I was 50/50 in terms of believing I was both capable of and deserving of a huge promotion and pay raise. 

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Joanna B.

l landed a promotion and a 24% salary increase . . . the feeling of being fairly compensated is immeasurable. Working with Heather was one of the best career choices I’ve made in the past few years. I've recommended her to countless colleagues and will continue to do so.

Megan (1).png

Megan M.

I negotiated 3 raises over 18 months that resulted in a 36% increase in salary. 

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I got an 8% increase in base salary, a $5k signing bonus, and an 80% schedule -- even though I was switching industries.

Plus, now I'm excited about my work and the role I have in managing the company. Heather helped me feel comfortable asking for what I deserved and prompted me to explore different options, which made me confident I was taking a good path but also not selling myself short.

Jo Ana photo.png

Jo Ana

I negotiated a promotion to Assistant HR Director and a 27% pay raise. I’ll definitely take the knowledge and skills I gained, and I’m 100% sure it will pay dividends in the future in other negotiation situations.

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Working with Heather really helped me to crystalize what is most important to me and what makes me truly happy in my professional career.

Heather helped me ask the right questions, understand my value in the workplace [as a product manager], and, most importantly, helped me find the confidence to ask for what I wanted. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results - I’ve managed to negotiate a fantastic package for an exciting challenge, and I’m confident I’ve positioned myself optimally for career growth and happiness.