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  • Negotiate for what feeds your soul

  • Maximize your impact at home and at work

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Being an ambitious woman in a male-dominated industry can be exhausting.

The pressure to prove yourself, the non-stop conflicting demands, and the endless hours.

You worry if you get up to take a break, you’ll lose your place at the table.

But you’ve sacrificed so much already, and now you’re stuck - wondering what's it all for?

You’re not alone.

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Common reasons ambitious professional women struggle to balance their personal and professional lives:


  • You’re stuck being everything to everyone and put yourself last on your to do list.
  • You can’t find enough time to be present to the people you love most.                    
  • Your busy-ness is keeping you pulled in so many directions you wonder where your joy went.
  • Your values related to work and life are in competition (and often clash). 
  • You’re stuck in a routine of going through the motions of doing what you feel like you have to do each day. 
  • You lack a proven system to negotiate for what you truly want in your career and life.

Your values related to work and life are in competition (and often clash). 

You’re stuck in a routine of going through the motions of doing what you feel like you have to do each day. 

You lack a proven system to negotiate for what you truly want in your career and life.

There is a better way.

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So what’s the solution?

Our signature program, Women Who OWN, helps women in corporate advance their careers without sacrificing their personal life or health.

If your goal is to reach the top echelon of your industry without losing your soul in the process, we have a proven process for service-focused, ambitious women to create more time, joy and freedom in their lives without walking away from their success.

You not only gain the skills to ASK for what you TRULY want, you make the internal shifts necessary to OWN your new reality.

  • Live your true vision
  • Increase your income
  • Maximize your impact
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Who is Heather Mills?

Heather Mills is a class action attorney turned executive coach. She litigated on behalf of workers at one of the premiere civil rights firms in the United States until she became exhausted, disillusioned and burned out. 

Her experiences with huge ambition and a deep service-led mission cost her her health. That led to her developing the “Women Who OWN” method that she now uses to help her executive coaching clients know what skills to develop and what to focus on in order to find the balance, joy and connection they are seeking without compromising their mission, values or ambition.

She’s a wife, mother and business owner, who’s committed to busting the myth that professional women can’t own what they truly want.

All the essential resources

Expand your possibilities

Crush your self-limiting and career-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in place and spinning your wheels.

Clarify your vision

Learn our proprietary technique for getting clear on what you actually want and why it’s so important to you. Create a compelling vision for your life and career that propels you forward.

Own it

Learn our proprietary framework for negotiating success at home and at work.



Get results

Up your inner game so you’re more productive, motivated, and energized.



Build your resilience

Overcome the stress cycle for GOOD.



Know your purpose

Connect with what brings you meaning and purpose.


Learn how to put priorities into action.

Coach yourself

Learn how to make important decisions that come from knowing and trusting yourself.

Want to go deeper?


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Why Join Women Who OWN?

Our team will guide you hands-on through the strategic, emotional and spiritual shifts required for you to become the person capable of living your vision. Get measurable growth in the next 8 weeks by getting support instead of just information.

  • Reclaim your time
  • ‚ÄčImprove work-life balance
  • Increase your confidence
  • ‚ÄčRelax into growth
  • Increase your income
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Does Women Who OWN 
really work?

"Working with Heather was like having a job coach, life coach, and therapist. She helped me recognize my value as a physician leader. 

With this new role and pay raise, I feel that I’m finally being recognized for my years of medical experience. And successfully negotiating for a higher pay has instilled in me the confidence to continue asking for the things I need to do my job well."
Josette Covington, MD
 Center Medical Director

"I felt not only stuck in my career, but stuck in my personal life...

When I first started the process, ... in the back of my mind I was feeling like maybe I really had an opportunity to find my dreams -- and I actually did find my dream job! ... In transitioning to that new company, I received a promotion in terms of my level but also a significant pay increase.

[Women Who OWN] is so much more than anything you may read ... it's really having the opportunity to hold yourself accountable and work with someone who knows how to coach you."

Maria M. 
Senior Management Consultant

"I think the real turning point...was when you helped me get to the root of what it was I was dissatisfied about. 

Once I used the [Women Who OWN] framework, my manager really re-engaged as my advocate and I feel like it was one of the best conversations that we've ever had...I got a promotion to Senior Design Director and a raise...
I'm really glad that I am where I am right now. I feel like there's potential for growth and that I have advocates that are there for me."

Kim Cullen
Senior Design Director, IDEO


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